happy birthday

Two decades old… Shit.


warning! my blog may cause joy♡

warning! my blog may cause joy♡

Haven’t talked to my high school friends in so long… Where the fuck is everyone? Did everyone think I died?

I haven’t been on this shit for so long….

And it’s boring as hell. College is great! Running is good and I met this really amazing girl named Emily.


Zodiac Files: The Capricorn lover. 
last night… is a basic blur…

Roommates and I got shitty and the girls on our floor were so wild..

Weight training…


I want to date you.. and you and you…

OMG.. the girls here are amazing! Why must this be so complicated.

pre season

Is hell week. Just tired.

SO SO Happy. This is what I’ve been missing. College life. Running. Girls and amazing teammates.

Basically my last day in the ‘Couve. Leaving tomorrow. Peace out!

Its sad to see all my high school friends and I starting to drift apart. But at the same time, I’m kinda happy. Kinda. I mean that I will miss them, but this last year has shown me we’re all going our separate ways no matter what. No matter what though, they shaped me to who I am today and I can’t ever forget that. I’ll always love my high school friends, but now, my college friends are the truly real people.

Tonights plan

Hangout with Sharon! :) Finally.

Portland adventure
Food Cart
Ice Cream Renaissance
Go see Now You See Me movie